Designated Drivers Napa Sonoma is your source for the best of Napa and Sonoma Valley wine tours. From providing a personal Concierge through our DD+ service to arranging vineyard picnic lunches and winery guest house stays, our Napa wine tasting drivers will handle all of your needs. Ever wonder how you can enjoy wine tasting and wine tours with your group, stop for a picnic lunch, and still make your next appointment? Just sit back and enjoy the best of Napa Valley wineries, wine tours and experiences with us.

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Napa Sonoma Drivers

Our wine tour drivers are the most experienced and friendly guides in Napa and Sonoma Valley. With our experience in the Valley and having owned our own Vineyard, Designated Drivers Napa Sonoma provides drivers that know the best wine tours and Napa wine tasting experiences in the Valley. Remember – Your Car, Our Driver.

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More than Wine Tours

Yes, our local guides have experience in the Valley and are fully insured.  Through our Concierge service, DD Plus, we also handle everything for your visit including exclusive and behind the scenes wine tours, private functions, group events, and hotel or travel arrangements.  Whether its cabernet, farm to table, or exclusivity, allow our Napa and Sonoma Valley designated drivers to handle all of your planning needs.

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How Does It Work?

Scheduling a wine tour through Designated Drivers Napa Sonoma is easy. Simply contact us and identify your general preferences, the date and number of people, and we’ll take care of the rest.  If its just you, no problem.  You and a few others for a birthday celebration or weekend getaway?  We can help. For group activities and corporate events, we provide all of your Napa Valley and Sonoma transportation needs, arrange large group wine tasting and other events.

For the scheduled day, one of our local wine tour drivers will contact you and introduce themselves, meet you at your hotel or current location, drive your car to the wineries, can arrange picnic lunches or vineyard dinners, and generally provide other behind the scenes knowledge about Napa wine tasting and Sonoma Valley along the way.  If you do not have a car or hotel, let us know.  Designated Drivers Napa Sonoma has great specials with many hotels and inns in the Valley.


What To Expect?

If you’ve been to Napa Valley before, welcome back!  If you’re a first time visitor and looking for things to do in Napa, you’re in for a treat!  From a driving aspect, the drivers with Designated Drivers Napa Sonoma are professional, personable and knowledgeable within the Valley! Our wine tasting drivers are more than just a driver.  Need someone to photograph your visit?  Recommend a farm to table dinner experience?  Or the best tequila bar in the Valley?  Our drivers are versatile and well respected.  When you schedule with us, the driver will call to introduce themselves and talk about the plan.  If you have your own schedule, they will follow as you wish, including meeting you at your departure point and returning you there as well.  For wine country corporate events, Designated Drivers Napa Sonoma will arrange transportation and logistics for all of your group activities, ensuring you and your guests can have a memorable time wine tasting, wine making, or enjoying other things to do in Napa Valley.

If you’ve chosen to utilize our DD+ private concierge service, get ready to not worry about much at all.  After a discussion with Designated Drivers Napa Sonoma, our staff will listen to your thoughts on the group personalities, the event you are celebrating, the duration, and your experience with wine in order to put together the best wine tasting and Napa wine tour agenda in the Valley. From one end of the Silverado Trail to the north end of 29, you’ll not have to worry about any logistics or planning.

Hear what others say about Designated Drivers Napa Sonoma

  • My friends and I had a great experience with Designated Drivers. We got recommendations from our driver to places we would not have thought about going to on our own. In addition our driver had extensive winery knowledge and even got us some industry discounts at 2 of the wineries. Highly recommend. Will use them again.

    Colleen L - TripAdvisor

  • Dan and Ona – Thanks for helping make our weekend in Napa so special! Dan, you’re the best! Wouldn’t do Napa again without you behind the wheel! And we’re still raving about your Black Cat recommendation to end our trip!

    Beth J. Facebook

  • The concierge at the [hotel] hooked us up with [Designated Drivers] and we were glad we used them—it’s a great way to see the sites and get personalized winery tours, especially if you don’t want to tag along with 50 other people or risk a DUI.

    Ben Z. Yelp

  • We cannot imagine touring Napa any other way! Dan and Ona are real gems, the experiences we had were incredible, absolutely fantastic! There is no way possible we could have come even remotely close to experiencing all of those different wineries planning our trip ourselves. Thanks SO MUCH!!!!!

    Denise J. Facebook