Wine Tours 101 – Relax and Enjoy the Wine!

Wine Tours 101 – Relax and Enjoy the Wine!

Wine tasting is a fun way to experience different kinds of wine from a variety of wineries. And it’s even better when you’re with a group of friends or with a special person, allowing you to create an unforgettable day with those you care about. Plus, wine tasting helps you discover new wine makers and varieties, allowing you to really deepen your wine knowledge no matter if you’re a novice or a connoisseur.

From the most famous wine region in California, Napa and Sonoma Valley, the views are breathtaking, wineries are unique and each have their own special wine tour and tasting rooms providing very special ambience and experiences. Usually, many make a day out of wine tasting, jumping from one to the next as they partake in all sorts of wine. If you’re making a day or two out of it, here are a few reasons to schedule a wine tour.

Someone Else Drives

When you go wine tasting, you’re testing out anywhere from three to five different types of wine at each winery. And although they’re not full glasses, they are enough to get you tipsy after the second or third winery. So why even chance drinking and driving, a DUI, or having to stop enjoying wine at the second winery when you can have someone else drive? When you take a wine tour, someone else is behind the wheel of your own rental car, allowing you to enjoy your time and drinks at each of the wineries you visit.

Expert Knowledge

Wine tours are run by professionals and local residents who know the ins and outs of local wineries, boutiques and off the beaten path experiences – you will be able to let someone else do all the research on local wineries while you simply enjoy their suggestions. It’s their job to provide you with the best wine experience based on your preferences and will guide you through each of the best places to try in Napa, Healdsburg, or Russian River and Sonoma Valley. This doesn’t stop at just wineries as you’ll likely need lunch or dinner reservations while in the area as well. Looking for a top rated Chef, a particular style? Usually both can be accommodated by your local wine tour guide.

Scheduled Activities

The best wine tours are the ones that have a plan before you head out so that you know what to expect. If you want to make the most out of your trip to wine country, its best to have a schedule so that you get to see and experience as much as you can, which is exactly what a wine tour provides. If you’re not from the area, you may not know how long the drive is from Atlas Peak to Calistoga. Your wine tour driver will handle the travel and planning for you.

Designated Drivers Napa Sonoma is the perfect way to experience your very own private wine tour! They use your car and a local wine tour guide will drive you around, providing a more intimate experience of one of the most beautiful places on Earth with some of the best wines ever made. Think of it as your own private wine driver!